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About Us


Founded in January, 2000 by Bryant E. Scaife, Sr. 
B.E. Scaife Plumbing Company strives to become the premier plumbing provider of construction sites within the St. Louis metropolitan area by providing quality, reliable service in addition to a clean and safe working enviornment. It is our goal to be our clients' preferred plumbing solutions provider. 
B.E. Scaife Plumbing Company is a certified minority business enterprise that emboides the true spirit of a minoritycompany onwed and operatedby a minority and had boots on the ground since day one. This is why B.E. Scaife Plumbing specializes in new line commercial, healthcare and industrial plumbing. 

It's our belief that delivering superior, efficient plumbing services takes knowledge and craftsmanship. We are experienced in the new construction and remodeling.

We value our customer's homes & business and realize that quality and reliability are the essence of success and longevity in this industry.

We are committed to providing our customers with well-trained, experienced staff capable of performing the most complicated projects under tight time constraints with little to no interruption to your home or business. We feel our work is above the industry standard and our 100 percent customer satisfaction rating is due solely to our friendly, reliable and extremely professional staff.







At B.E. Scaife Plumbing Company, we are firmly dedicated to:

  • Building long term relationships with our customers
  • Providing the highest quality service at the best valued price
  • Exceeding the expectations of every customer who uses our service
  • Developing, applying, and sharing new knowledge that will improve on-site plumbing
  • Establishing meaningful and productive relationsips with project managers, project superintendents, and other labor disciplines

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